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Feeder/yard watch

If your schedule, mobility, weather or anything else keeps you at home on the count day, we would be delighted if you would submit a report of birds you see in your own yard.

Feederwatches are a little different in field counting, in that you report only the MAXIMUM number of any species you see at one time. For instance, if you see 6 robins at 10 am, 3 at 11 am and 7 at 2 pm,  you would report 7 robins, the maximum you saw at one time.

It's important to indicate the amount of time you spent watching the birds in your yard on the form.  It doesn't have to be continuous--you can add up the minutes you spent each hour into one total.

We've created a brochure with photos of the most common birds you might see in your Victoria backyard.  You can view or print it here.

When you are ready, here's the link to the online feederwatch form.  You can click on the bird names to see photos from here, too. Be sure you are counting on the correct day for your area!

Note: if you'd like to count your neighbourhood, local park, etc, we'll put you on a field counter team to ensure we don't double count.  Contact

Bushtits by Ken Clifton via Flickr

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