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Everyone is welcome!

You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate. Novices will be teamed up with more experienced counters. I’d also be interested in recruiting some groups—walking groups, school groups, scout groups, or any other group that would like to support the activity. Anyone can help out by acting as a tally person or as a spotter. Most teams spend all of the daylight hours out in the field, but there is room for people who can only spend part of the day too. Come out for as long as you can! There are a few “keeners” who go out looking and listening for owls in the pre-dawn hours. There may be boats on the water again this year, so if that is your particular specialty, please let the coordinator know.

If you are curious, interested, would like to see lists and pictures of the region’s winter birds, or just need more information, please check the Christmas Bird Count site. If you have a preference to count in a specific area for the Victoria count, you may contact the team leader for the area directly.

Feederwatchers don’t have to register—just report your birds on the appropriate count day!

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Joanne Jolicoeur
Joanne Jolicoeur
Dec 02, 2023

very much a novice, on the lookout for binoculars now . see you on 16th

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